Introduction to the Western tradition

Understanding the world in which we live and being able to respond to developments requires knowledge of fundamentals. Insight into the origins of our contemporary society and the prevailing ideas is essential. Discover the sources within the Western tradition in this introduction course.

A challenging liberal arts and sciences teaching model

Our programme is based on a way of teaching that challenges participants with facts, logic, and rhetoric, and hence creativity and depth. What else is to be expected?

  • Structured programme with highly skilled teachers
  • Mixed groups for more fruitful interaction
  • Suitable for foreign participants; courses in Dutch and English
  • Follow-up courses in specific academic disciplines
  • Small course groups of up to 15 persons

Our organization consists of experienced academics and committed researchers and others from the Netherlands. Increasingly we work together with partners in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, the United States, and the rest of the world. More about our vision and teaching formula can be found on our ‘About’ page.